Welcome to The Trowel and Pen!

The name might sound a bit like a pub, and really that isn’t too far off! I’m a writer and archaeologist (Hence the pub joke – archaeologists are notorious for their love of a good beer after a hard days work.) hoping to share my love of human history with you all.

The Trowel and Pen started as a journal chronicling my adventures at field school in British Columbia, where I first learned the hands-on elements of archaeology. I primarily wrote for family and friends who wanted to learn more about my experience camping in a tent and digging in the dirt for six weeks.

But after graduating from college in 2017, I’ve found that my passion lies in sharing archaeology with the public.  So I’m transitioning this blog into a platform for sharing my experiences as an archaeologist in the hopes of educating visitors about human history and inspiring future archaeologists and present volunteers (You’re never too old to get involved in archaeology – well, as long as you don’t want to climb into the pit!). My old journal posts will still be here, if you’re interested in a day-to-day account of field life, but now I’ll talk about lab techniques, museums, hot topics, and more!

So jump on in! And please forgive me if it’s a little messy until I figure out how I want to reorganize things.


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