More Staring at Rocks…

Yup.  Back to staring at rocks 6+ hours a day.  My roommate, Jennie, started asking, “What did you do today BESIDES stare at rocks?”  To which I replied, “Stare at rocks and throw away rocks.”


This is Jennie. Hi, Jennie! Jennie is working on a project on interfaith in Utica, NY this summer.

After finishing the stratigraphy chapter and profiles, I returned to the world of lithics. This time I re-categorized the lithic artifacts from the 2009-2013 excavations at SNAP using the same method as I used for the 2015 batch.  Most of the housepits had only a few artifacts which were recovered while digging for charcoal samples to radiocarbon date.  However, Housepit 9 was extensively excavated in 2009 in order to save as many artifacts as possible from bisection by the river.  Until Housepit 8’s excavation, Housepit 9 held the record for most lithic artifacts: 527. Interestingly, Housepit 9 has a much higher proportion of fine-grained volcanic artifacts than any of the other housepits.  The 2013 field school also excavated twenty 1×1 m blocks in Housepit 6 as the beginning of the research towards the question of spatial organization.  A total of 129 lithic artifacts were recovered from that housepit.

Now, I am using all this information to perform a small comparative study of the differences between the lithic assemblages of Housepits 4, 6, 7, 8, and 9. This will be the topic of the poster culminating my summer science research.


Many many quartzite flakes


This is a quartzite disk tool.  Though we find them relatively frequently, we still don’t know what they were used for.


A thumbnail scraper, so named for its size not used for scraping thumbnails.


Part of a pestle


I managed to refit these pieces…


It’s like a puzzle!


This awl was probably once a projectile point that was resharpened until it had to change uses.


I was really excited about this obsidian projectile point… until Nathan told me that it is most likely modern, left by a hobby flintknapper or as a token for the ancestors.


Anna left last Friday for adventures in London. Bye, Anna! 😦


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