The Adventure Continues (In the Lab)!

Hi y’all!  I’m back!

I originally figured that I would be done with this blog after the end of last summer, but I just can’t stay away!  Haha! Well, actually I have decided this blog should be about more than just my adventures in British Columbia.  I want to share my passion for learning about human history with everyone in a way that makes archaeology accessible and fun.  However, that means also talking about the not-so-adventurous parts. Archaeology isn’t all playing in the dirt and worrying about wild animals.  A lot of work follows the field season.

So this summer I’m working in the archaeology lab at Hamilton College.  I have been tasked with writing chapters on lithics (rocks) and stratigraphy (dirt) for the 2015 field report.  This is much more akin to your typical office job than last summer’s adventures.  I work Monday through Friday, 9 – 5 (approximately).  The rest of my time is spent reading, relaxing, and cooking my own meals (eep! adulthood!).

My posts this summer will be of a slightly different nature than last summer’s.  Instead of a daily journal format, posts will be weekly to bi-weekly, generally marking accomplishments in my work.  For instance, I have already finished a draft of the lithic analysis chapter, so I will create a post outlining that process within the next few days.

Hope you enjoy!


P.S. If you’re just joining or need a refresher on all the hip archaeology vocab, check out the “Vocab” tab at the top of the page or through this link: Vocab!

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