Days 13 & 14 – In Which I Contemplate Various Forms of Toliets

Day 13
June 20th
9 p.m. – ish
Another trip to Nelson today.  It’s hard to believe that I have been here for almost two weeks already!  It’s also funny how out of tune with the real world we all are ; doing laundry is super exciting (if only for the prospect of clean clothes), mirrors are like out-of-body experiences, we have almost forgotten that toilets flush, and the rules of crosswalks are foreign to us.  Some people are even finding themselves feeling uncomfortable in the (not-so) crowded streets of Nelson.
While the TAs, professors, Mike, and Allysa went their own ways for lunch, the seven of us remaining girls went to a little restaurant called El Taco.  They had good Mexican food, and two of the girls got margaritas too.  I ordered a “breakfast” taco which was quite delicious but a bit messy to eat.  Then we went off to wander through stores, mostly in search of clothing items (many of us want “town” clothes because all we brought was athletic wear/work clothes which feel a bit underdressed even though people in Nelson would probably not even notice).  About 3 p.m., Anna, Lindsay, Maddy, and I went in search of a market and “waterfall park” we had learned of.  At the very end of Baker Street, you turn left and walk a little ways up, and there is a cute little farmers’/craftsmen’s market.  Unfortunately, we arrived just as the market was closing down but we did get talked into buying a small bumbleberry (mixed berry) pie to share.  Wandering through the remnants of the market, we finally discovered the waterfall, which though not very big, was quite pretty and loud.  After enjoying the cooler air and calming aura for a while, we started back towards the muster point and stopped at a consignment shop where Maddy bought this very 1960s, mid-thigh, embroidered, brown jacket for fun.
Tonight some of the other kids are having a “Solstice party,” but I am tired so I am up in my tent, hoping the current light rain and thunder will disappear by the time I am ready to sleep.

Day 14
June 21st
9:30 p.m. – ish
Happy Father’s Day!
Since we took Friday off digging for our Salish language and culture lessons, we had to go spend some time at site this morning after a late start.  I worked on more Stratum III-3 (disturbed and re-deposited Stratum III), and Emily found a “maybe flake” in my screen.
A small group also dug a hole for an outhouse down at the site which is super exciting.  I’ve gotten used to using the forest as a bathroom, but not tromping up the steep hill and through fallen branches and ferns will be very nice  (in addition to hopefully not having mosquitoes attack me as I’m trying to do my business).  For some reason the song “Into the Woods” from the musical by the same name popped into my head today as I was contemplating just that (a.k.a. while I went into the woods to go pee).
This afternoon, Alissa gave a very short lecture on sediment color and texture.  This included having us mix sediment samples with a little water to help identify them which turned us all into little kids playing with mud.  Then I went swimming in the river with Grace, Maddy, and Max.  Alissa brought out the Box of Fun, so we brought a tube, a blow-up boat-thing (the Explorer 200), and kickboards with us.  We swam out to the floating dock where we took river baths, had some water gun fights, and laid out in the sun.  After a while, Allysa joined us, and we paddled over to the so-called “poop log” (for all the bird poop on it), which of course, Max tried to tip us all off of.  I swam back to shore with Allysa while Max, Grace, and Maddy decided to float down to the site before walking back.  It was a fun time and some much needed sun.
Then this evening we watched a short video made by a former student on the history of the Sinixt people and their fight for recognition (they were declared extinct in Canada in 1956) and reclamation of their land.  We also made a massive cuddle puddle of all the student girls, minus two, on the couch in the cabin.  We joked that Nathan and Alissa would come down from their second story bedroom in the morning and find us all asleep there.  And on that tired note, it is way past bedtime for me so g’night!

Photo credit Lindsay

Maddy in her new jacket and town dress      Photo credit: Lindsay

Cuddle Puddle! Photo credit: Mike

Cuddle Puddle!
Photo credit: Mike

The waterfall - if you look closely, you can see us standing off to the left side. Photo credit: Anna

The waterfall – if you look closely, you can see us standing off to the left side.
Photo credit: Anna

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