Days 9 & 10 – The Birth of Team Secret Log!

Day 9 
June 15th
7:55 p.m.
Back to the grindstone! 6:15 a.m. came way too early this morning!  Once I finished up Level 2 of my unit, I moved on to a new unit just to the east, 69E 153N.  On this new unit, I am finding a lot of tree rot, but at least the podzol layer seems close to the top.  So far, most signs point to a fallen tree across our block; however, the north side of my new unit also had backfill on top of the humic layer.  I found another (possible) SNAP artifact today: two 20 cent Euro coins minted in 1999 and 2000!  Unfortunately, I can’t keep them, but I did get to archive them as the first official artifact from Housepit 7!  Of even greater interest, Rachel and Lindsay unearthed the first artifacts actually relevant to our pithouse research: two pieces of debitage from stone tool-making (a.k.a. flakes) and a small projectile point!  We also had a group of people visit the site today.  I think we all agreed that being down in the housepits while they watched us made us feel a bit like zoo animals.
I went for my second swim today.  The water seems to have warmed up a little, but it is still very cold.  The water level has also dropped down some, creating a small strip of sand to act as a beach.  The mosquitoes have been particularly bad today.  I got a least 8 new bites! But I am getting much better at spotting and killing the little suckers!
As for last night, the soup was okay.  The broth to veggie ratio was way off so we had to add veggie and chicken broth to the two pots.  It was still rather bland and boring for my taste.  The cornbread was a great hit though!  As I mentioned in last night’s journal, we all piled into the vans and went to this restaurant/coffee shop called Sleep Is For Sissies after dinner to enjoy some live music.  The band Dirty Grace was amazing!  The two lead women had beautiful harmonies! They are folk/bluesy and remind me somewhat of a female, slightly darker sounding Mumford and Sons.  I definitely hope to borrow the CD that Petra bought when we get back to school.

Day 9
June 16th
Sometime at night
Nathan and Alissa were gone to a meeting in Selkirk for most of our dig time today, so we had a PARTY! Just kidding.  It was business as usual, just with the pyramid of responsibility truncated at the T.A.s.
More digging.  More partially decomposed wood.  More confusing dirt.  Housepit 7’s team name is now officially Secret Log because we keep finding more and more wood rot in our block, often under strata that it shouldn’t be under.  The stratigraphy in my two units continues to be screwed up.  The soil often looks like a calico cat with the pockets of dark brown Stratum I, white-grey Stratum II, and golden Stratum III.  However, at least everyone else in my block is finding messed-up stratigraphy now too – it’s not just me and my rotten luck!  Molly’s group is on a roll though; they found twenty-five or more flakes today!  That block has been surprisingly fruitful considering that it wasn’t even certain if it was a housepit or other cultural area.
More bug bites today too.  I have a rather gruesome and annoying line on my back right at my belt line where the hem of my shirt must lift up just enough to let the mosquitoes in.  So far no “monster bites” though (what I call the ones that give me large welts).  Knock on wood.
It’s been sprinkling on and off today, but still quite warm.  We shall see how sleeping goes – hopefully well because we have small children (5th and 6th graders) coming to visit tomorrow.

An example of a level form and a Slocan phase projectile point Photo credit Mike

An example of a level form and a Slocan phase projectile point
Photo credit Mike

Rachel's Slocan phase projectile point Photo credit Alissa

Rachel’s Slocan phase projectile point
Photo credit Alissa

From the beach, looking towards the

From the beach, looking towards the “poop log”

From the beach, looking towards the dock

From the beach, looking towards the dock

Our little

Our little “beach” – the sandy area grew throughout our time there until it was a decent-sized beach

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