Countdown: One Week

Hello and welcome!
So, in case you haven’t heard (which I don’t know why you’d be here if you haven’t, but who knows?), I’m going on a trip this summer: an archaeology field school with Hamilton College in British Columbia! Yup. I’m super excited… except for maybe the six weeks in a tent part, but we’ll just see how that goes.
Anyways, I’ve had a couple people ask me to keep a blog. I’ve never been very good at keeping a journal or anything of the like but here goes nothing. I’m not sure how often or thoroughly I’ll be able to update while I’m out there, but I will try my best to let y’all know I’m alive at least once in awhile and to keep a journal of some sort so that I can post more details and pictures when I return.
After much researching, debating, and procrastinating, I think I have everything I need including a brand-spanking-new two-person tent, self-inflating (hahaha) sleeping pad, and trusty trowel. This week will consist of more practice constructing and deconstructing my tent as well as trying to fit everything into one duffel bag and a daypack – wish me luck!
Here’s to a new adventure!

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